Frozen Yogurt + Social Media


Frozen yogurt: is it a trend or is it here for good? It seems within the past year frozen yogurt chains are opening up everywhere, which leaves us, as consumers, inundated with choices. It’s rare that one frozen yogurt chain triumphs another, being that each has similar flavors ranging from tart to birthday cake, and an array of toppings from fruit to chocolate. As consumers, how do we decide who we want to give our business to?

NYC frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, has recently initiated a campaign that combines social media with the company’s marketing strategy. The campaign titled, “Snappy New Year,” is promoting a discount each time a customer uses Snapchat to take a picture of themselves sampling a new flavor. Once the customer sends a Snapchat to the company account, they receive a discount on their order. The idea to incorporate a social media trend, Snapchat, with another trend, frozen yogurt is ingenious, to say the least. In my opinion, blending social media with the 16 Handles brand gives them a leg up on the competition.

As a consumer, I would definitely choose a frozen yogurt chain that is offering a discount that is interactive with customers, original and fun. As long as this campaign is running, 16 Handles is in the lead and Red MangoPinkberry and Yogurtland can bite the dust!

Say goodbye to paper coupons, and hello to the digital age. Innovation at its finest.