Ray-Bans and Instagrams


How would you feel about seeing the world through Instagram filters? Imagine watching a sunset in Lo-Fi or enjoying a beach day in Valencia.

The new idea of “Instaglasses,” is circulating through the retail and social media world. “Instaglasses” is a collaboration between a well-known retailer, Ray-Ban, and a well-known social media platform, Instagram. The idea is to see your everyday life through the beloved Instagram filters. Markus Gerke, the creator of the idea, wants people to not only enjoy their day-to-day life using the filters, but to also be more inclined to Instagram photos from their daily lives. This concept would allow customers to take a picture of what they are viewing through their sunglasses and upload it instantly through their sunglasses. To access Instagram through your sunglasses, you need to sync your account and click a button on the side of the sunglasses to choose a filter. The sunglasses would even include Wi-Fi for instant uploads and a 5 mega-pixel camera for clarity.

“Instaglasses” serves a convenience to those who aren’t always likely to post their favorite pictures. This concept furthers the idea that personalization, convinance and transparency will all continue to be trends in the social media world. People love to get a glimpse into other people’s lives, especially celebrities, so what better way than to virtually see exactly what they’re seeing! Since this concept is still in the works, the “lazy Instagrammer” may need to wait a while until the product hits stores.

Although it may not be the most practical idea, it is indicative of what the future holds for branding and marketing products and companies.