American Express has just made every social media guru’s dreams come true and has introduced a new shopping trend to the world..#ShoppingWithHashtags. Today, American Express announced it has utilized Twitter hash tags for shopping purposes..Welcome to shopping in the digital age!

AmEx cardholders can sync their credit card with their Twitter account and use a hash tag to tweet what they want to purchase.  AmEx will even have it shipped to you for free within two days. In the past, AmEx has used Twitter to tweet deals to cardholders, however they are now able to purchase the featured deals with the use of the corresponding hash tag. After a cardholder tweets his/her purchase, American Express will tweet back immediately with a confirmation  hash tag. To finalize the purchase, the cardmember must tweet the confirmation hashtag back at @AmericanExpress to complete the transaction.

It’s an innovative concept for American Express to collaborate with Twitter, even if the collaboration is mostly targeted to a younger, more social demographic. It  promotes brand awareness and new publicity, as well as interactivity between cardholders, American Express and participating merchants. Some participating merchants include: @Amazon, @Sony and @Microsoft.

I think this of using social media to shop is unique, however not surprising. There are so many aspects of our life that are moving to digital and social platforms, so why wouldn’t shopping? Online shopping has taken the consumer world by storm, however I’m curious to see if people will embrace “social shopping” in the same way.

Anything’s possible in the world of social commerce.


Gilt-y Pleasure


For anyone who has champagne taste, but a beer budget, meet my obsession: Gilt. Originally formed as a women’s apparel site in 2007, Gilt has expanded to a site that offers everything from vacation deals and date ideas to home decor and designer apparel. Gilt is  a prime example of an e-commerce site that will thrive in today’s consumer world for three reasons.

1. Fast turnover rate: The website designers and inventory change daily. Keeping the merchandise fresh and putting an expiration date on the inventory pressures consumers into making the decision to purchase quicker than they normally would.

2. Up-to-the-minute: You won’t find the merchandise on Gilt on last season’s sale rack. The products featured on the site are new, current and trendy. They are what customers want to buy NOW.

3. The price is right: Some deals are so great, they’re hard to pass up. Designers who rarely discount their merchandise such as, Chanel, Prada and Dior, are all featured on Gilt. Since the prices are so exceptional, the problem is they typically sell out before you have a chance to browse the site. The key to being a successful Gilt shopper is to research what brands or designers are being featured each day so you know when to check the site, or just download the app so you can shop on the go!

Being that Gilt is a social site, it only makes sense to run a social media campaign for brand awareness. What makes Gilt such a great website is its ability to embrace all platforms of social media and engage with its customers, ultimately personalizing the brand. Gilt has a Twittersocial media campaign where each time a customer makes a purchase, they tweet it along with the hashtag #GoldenTweet. With every 100th tweet Gilt receives with the #GoldenTweet hashtag, they will reimburse the customer for their most recent purchase. This brilliant idea consists of promoting brand awareness and creating an online buzz, all while creating interactivity among consumers.

Gilt has also just launched a Valentine’s Day campaign titled, “Bad Date, Get Even,” where customers have the chance to submit a story about their dating disasters. Whoever  Gilt deems as “survivor” of the worst date gets a $1,000 Gilt.com credit in exchange.

Join me in my gilt-y pleasure!

Gilt Website: http://www.Gilt.com

Gilt App: http://www.gilt.com/apps/iphone

Gilt Twitter: @giltcity