Building a Fashion/Beauty Brand via Social Media

Click the image for our complete presentation!

Click the image for our complete presentation!

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to present the research and  information my group and I have accumulated throughout the semester. Our presentation, “How to Build a Fashion/Beauty Brand via Social Media,” focused on how brands engage with fans and consumers on various social media platforms, and which they found most effective. We had the opportunity to speak with brand managers for OLAY and Pantene Pro-V, as well as the famous DKNY PR girl and jewelry designer, Jennifer Zeuner. Throughout our presentation, my group members and I were tweeting facts about the presentation, re-tweeting people who  were joining the conversation and answering questions in real-time all with our hashtag, #EVOLVEcomm. This was the first interactive presentation I’ve ever done, and I enjoyed it more than i thought! Interacting with the audience via social media as my group members and I were presenting was exhilarating and made our presentation more conversational, rather than a one-way, formal presentation. For a more comprehensive look into our presentation, please click the photo above to view our Slideshare!

Other than the interactivity of the presentation, another thing that differentiated this presentation from others was the way our research was organized. We used a tool called, Pearltrees to organize our research and content and categorized them into different topics and slides. Pearltrees is an excellent tool to use for group projects because all members have access to the account and you have the ability to share your content with other group members. If you haven’t used Pearltrees yet, I encourage you to try it for a group project! In addition to Pearltrees, we used LinkedIn, Google+ and our team’s Facebook group to collaborate and exchange new content and research. The image below is  linked to my group’s pearltree consisting of all the content we used for our presentation, check it out!

Organization of our research via Pearltrees

24 hours after our presentation was given, we ran analytics on our hashtag, #EVOLVEcomm to see how many people it reached and how many impressions it made. According to the analytics tool, Hashtracking, we produced 6,677,356 impressions with 35 tweets in the last day.

Hashtracking Results

We also used TweetReach as an analytics tool. According to TweetReach, we reached 20,475 accounts. The amount of people we reached may be due to the fact that the @DKNY twitter account retweeted our presentation, which means it was exposed to all of her followers!

TweetReach ResultsScreen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.41.48 PM

To discuss our progress with our presentation, we participated in a Google Hangout, on Google+, with our professor, Dr. Ward! It was my first time participating in one and i realized how useful Google Hangouts can be for group meetings when people are in various locations.

About to join my first Google Hangout

Here we are at @NewhouseSU on presentation day! Click the photo for the Storify I produced to recap our presentation! I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to tweet at @chelseatomae with the hashtag #EVOLVEcomm if you have any comments or questions about our presentation.

Presentation Day! Click for a link to my Storify


4 thoughts on “Building a Fashion/Beauty Brand via Social Media

  1. Chelsea,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post! You did an excellent job of summing up the presentation before and after! I, as well will definitely be using PearlTrees for more group projects in the future! Great job and it was so fun working with you! #EVOLVEcomm #NewhouseSM4

  2. Chelsea,

    Love how easy your blog post is to follow! It’s so clear and organized! It was so enjoyable to work with you and I really look forward to analyzing more of our analytics!


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